Content Marketing and Technical Copywriting


One of the most valuable lessons I learned as a professional comedian was, “You can’t make people laugh – you can only make them WANT to laugh.”

Today, the same concept holds true for websites, emails, marketing campaigns, and sales conversions.

“You can’t MAKE people buy – you can only make them WANT TO BUY!”

Persuasive web content will ultimately drive more traffic to your website while increasing conversions into leads and then to repeat sales. 

In fact, if done well, buyers will decide they cannot live WITHOUT your product or service. (We also call this “The Curse of Knowledge”)

Once you learn of a product or service (and if the information is presented in a compelling manner) you quickly discover you need “IT”. This new knowledge creates a psychological itch you need to scratch. Your life will never be the same without having “IT”.

And this, my dear Watson, is “The Curse of Knowledge”!

Highly successful web content MUST include specific “triggers” to create a desired emotional response (the itch) within your potential clients.

Your web content must contain the following 5-part formula to be persuasive and effective.

  1. Customer Focused – know your customers, know the keywords and phrases they use when they conduct searches on the internet.
  2. Competition – know what your competition is doing, what they are saying in search results and on their sites (keywords, tags, page titles, and is their site using SEO techniques).
  3. Clear – is your content and message crystal-clear? Optimized web content supports your sales and marketing goals. Are you offering clear, relevant, and appealing benefits to your visitors?
  4. Conversion Optimized – is your content written to convert visitors into BUYERS at every opportunity? Is it following the web industry’s current best practices?
  5. Consistent – are your web pages connected across the site with smooth and logical messaging? Is your content clear, persuasive, and optimized across the entire site?

Users and visitors demand consistency and clarity. Companies that can provide clear and consistent content across channels will quickly earn the user’s trust.

I offer various SEO and Copywriting services for my clients. These services allow me to help professional service firms by creating persuasive content that is clear and compelling.

I know how to increase website visibility, landing page capture ratios, and sales conversion rates because I understand Emotional Persuasion Triggers, Creative Content Development, and “The Curse of Knowledge”.


Customize Your Package

MATTRIXX is able to apply a number of different options to help ensure the success of your job, depending on your project’s specific needs

Website SEO and UX Audits

Helps to identify issues preventing your website from ranking well in local search results. User Experience (UX), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and content issues can cause poor rankings and low conversion rates.

Technical Writer and White Papers

Authoritative reports about a complex issue, written in an easy to understand format. It helps readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision. Normally informative and educational.

Landing Pages

Web pages deliberately created to convert visitors on your site into leads. It provides you with the means for capturing an email address or converting an interested visitor into a recurring customer.


Case Studies and Story Development

These are particularly useful for demonstrating the benefits of a product or service that is difficult to describe – without the sales pitch. Also called Signature Stories when used within the sales process.

Content Marketing

The process of organizing a website’s content by topic, which helps search engines understand a user’s intent when searching keywords or phrases. It ties all aspects of your website together.

Reverse Testimonials

Reverse testimonials are highly effective testimonials that start off in reverse. They subliminally speak to us in the way we speak to each other. Much more productive than traditional hard-sell formats.