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Change Your World by Changing Your Words


To Change Your World – Change Your Words

Should a Call-To-Action appear in the form of a statement or as a question? Look at the following examples and then YOU DECIDE … 

  • As a statement – Learn what you can do to make old worn-out jewelry look like new again.

— OR —

  • As a question – Want to discover how professional antique dealers transform tarnished junk into vintage jewelry with an amazing product that’s finally available to consumers?

As you can see, using a question is much more effective in triggering a specific action or emotional response. One of the more powerful triggers is called FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

“One salesperson can’t effectively sell to 100,000 prospects, but a well-written sales letter, email, or landing page sure can!”

What do professional speakers, stand-up comedians, and successful content copywriters have in common?

They make their profession look easy … that is, until YOU try to do it on your own!

The concept for MATTRIXX was a team effort.  After attending a national sales and marketing conference in Naples, Florida, many attendees voiced the same concern about their websites and Key Message Marketing formats.

They agreed they needed expert help with their social media, sales/marketing copy, and website SEO, yet they didn’t know enough about web SEO or website audits to go forward with finding the right person (expert) to hire.

One CEO lamented, “I don’t even know enough to know what I don’t know.”

Over the past decade, MATTRIXX has covered social media, website design/SEO, blog content, white papers, landing page, and sales/marketing copywriting.

I have included a few examples of white papers, newsletters, and case studies created using our 21-Point Usability Checklist and the 5-C’s of Content Processes.

If you want to know how a simple website review or a Key Message Marketing Platform audit can boost your search engine ratings and increase your web traffic, contact me and lets talk.

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