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“I’ve always believed case studies and emotional urgency testimonials are the second most profitable forms of writing. The first is ransom notes.”

Matt L. Rix is one of America’s leading authorities (and top speakers) on the science of Emotional Urgency Marketing and Persuasive Content Copywriting.

He is an acclaimed Fortune 1000 copywriter, keynote speaker, and a widely respected SEO wordsmith and expert in the use of influence triggers and adaptive Signature Story” methods.

Matt helps organizations build compelling corporate and organizational stories while creating persuasive sales copy and influential marketing campaigns using his unique process called The MATTRIXX Method™. As he simply states:

“Emotional Urgency Marketing is simply moving your prospect from a spectator’s mindset into an ownership mindset.”

Matt’s credentials make him without equal. His formal education includes a Bachelor of Science and post-graduate research in microbiology and biochemistry, as well as an MBA in International Technology Management.

His professional background includes 30+ years spanning international research and product development, technical sales-force training, and corporate leadership development … not to mention over 10 years as a professional entertainer and stand-up comedian.

His client list includes Fortune 1000 corporate executives, top sales and marketing personnel, media personalities, doctors, lawyers, select political figures, non-profit and philanthropic foundations, and even Miss America, Miss USA, and Miss Universe pageant contestants. As he is fond of saying,

“Being visible isn’t as important as being UNFORGETTABLE”™

In summary, Matt is a phenomenal direct response copywriting, SEO specialist, and entertaining platform personality who combines the science of influence and motivation with the art of persuasive copy using his Emotional Urgency Triggers and Creative Content methods.

His concepts are compelling, amazing, and undeniable … as is his tag-line:

Anything is possible if you put the right message in the right place and at the right time … especially if it sounds like gossip!”


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About Website SEO Audits

The Secret Behind Creating Emotional Urgency

Having a “web-friendly” website is critical to search engine success

With organic searches accounting for up to 73% of web traffic, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a MUST if you want to survive in this highly competitive socially networked marketplace.

An SEO review is critical for getting a look at how well your website is doing from a technical and search perspective.

I analyze website code and help clients address issues when search engines have trouble crawling and ranking their website. If search engine bots encounter problems, the result will be a poorly ranked search return. (Your website gets a black-eye).

Emotional Urgency and Creative Content

Emotional Urgency copywriting is about getting someone to do something that they probably didn’t wake up in the morning intending to do.

In today’s multi-channel marketplace, you need high-powered creative content that will drive clicks-throughs, leads, conversions, and sales/marketing campaigns.

Your success actually relies on your ability to create compelling visions of the future … a future that others feel drawn to. This is where my expertise comes into play.

Creative Content is the first step to developing a successful sales funnel using:

  • Blogs
  • Lead Generation Emails
  • Case Studies / White Papers
  • Landing Pages
  • Campaign Materials
One well written direct-response sales letter, case study, or blog can generate more sales, in less time, than an army of salespeople.

That’s why I’m passionate about creating high-performance copy to increase my clients’ social media presence, market influence, and sales conversion rates.

So I put all my skill and know-how into every SEO audit, webpage, case study, sales letter, and email I write for my clients.

If your presence doesn’t make an impact, your absence won’t MAKE a difference!

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